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Understanding Pokies Strategies

If you happen to be a pokies fan, chances are that you spend a lot of time playing pokies online. Australia has some great pubs and land-based casinos, and yet, they cannot offer the game variety and the payout rates which online casinos have made available to players all over the world. And yet, regardless of where you like playing, in a brick and mortar venue or online, you have probably come across different pokies strategies that players can potentially benefit from. Some of them advise you how to organise your bets, whereas others can supposedly help you achieve miraculous winnings. So, here we will take a look at pokies strategies and whether pokies players can potentially benefit from them.

So, let us start by saying that those pokies strategies which rely on pokies myths such as predicting “hot” and “cold” cycles do not make any sense whatsoever, and it doesn’t really matter whether you play in a land-based venue or if you prefer playing pokies online; Australia and the rest of the world have introduced the random number generator (RNG), which makes sure that pokies payout cycles do not exist. In principle, the RNG is a device or a computer programme determining the outcome of your every spin. As its name suggests, the RNG picks number sequences at random, and by the time the reels are spinning, it has already selected the respective combination. So, since each combination is completely random, it is not linked to the previous one and in consequence, the different random combinations cannot constitute a cycle. So, following a strategy, which relies on the pokies hot and cold cycles, is a waste of time and in some cases, a waste of money.

Having said that, there are some pokies strategies, which players can benefit from when playing pokies online. Australia offers a lot of exciting pokies games, which can be pretty addictive. For that reason, it is important that players, both online and in a land-based casino, make sure that they manage their money in a responsible manner. Some pokies strategies, such as “up the steps”, which requires you to increase your wager only if you have already won something, actually make some sense. They can help pokies enthusiasts with their gambling budget decisions, and prevent players from making any hasty bets, which are likely to cost them more money than they can afford to spend on pokies. Then, certain strategies such as “play and run” can help players with a small bankroll enjoy their money for a longer period of time, while getting some pokies variety.

Understanding pokies strategies is quite important when you enjoy pokies in a brick and mortar casino and when you play pokies online. Australia can offer some amazing pokies games, which can be a lot of fun, provided that you play responsibly. So, when deciding upon a pokies strategy, make sure that it will help you with your money management decisions, and stay away from those betting systems which will trick you into believing in things that simply do not exist.