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Spinning Reels: A Tale of Two Pokies Players

Pokies have been Australia’s favorite pastime for ages. Whole generations of Aussies have been raised with the affection for these lucky machines. It may be fair to say that nothing is more dear to an Aussie the pokie machines (with the exception, of course, of Aussie Rules). But when we speak about generations, we have to remember that different generations have distinctive ways of doing things. So, let’s take two players of different generations and try to explain the differences between them.

The first player is in a bar, with a cold beer in his hand. He has just started a new song on the juke box and is warming up a coin (because pokie machines do not like cold coins). The second one is sitting in front of a computer, with headphones of his ears and is warming a computer mouse (because a lot of clicking is going to be done very soon). It isn’t hard to realize that the first one is more of a traditional type, used to play pokies in land –based establishments, while the second one prefers his pokies online. Usually (but not in all cases), people of older generations stick to the way of pokie playing that they are familiar with, and avoid playing pokies online. They are traditionalists and conservative in that regard. This is not to say that there is something wrong with land-based pokies, though. Quite the contrary, such pokies have plenty to offer. It is a more social way of playing.

Playing pokies is, in most cases, a one man affair, an intimate relationship between the player and its favorite machine. But at least in land-based establishments such as bars, players get to socialize more, communicating and interacting with one another. Those, who play pokies online, are usually alone in front of their computer. But in return, they have the opportunity to mix in other activities, while playing, if they need a break, or just to get too accustomed with the repetitive spinning. Such players are, in general, following the modern vibe, and are familiar with the latest technology.

Another difference that we might find between these two players is that the traditional type sticks more often to couple of different games and does not like to change the playing experience too often. There are players that even play on the same pokie machine in a particular venue every time, if they feel that it’s their “lucky” machine. On the other hand, those who are playing pokies online take advantage of the huge variety that is available to them and often play a different game every day.

Also, old-fashioned players tend to believe more in superstitions than the new wave due to the fact that they used to play in times, when superstitions have been a big part of the game. That’s why some of them still warm their coins or count pay cycles. New players do not care that much for that, since nowadays is clear that all those beliefs are nothing but myths.

Despite their differences, players from all generations continue to play their favorite games, whether in bars or from their homes. Pokies really offer something for every taste and this is one of the most important things about this amazing machines