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Nowadays, there are so many different kinds of entertainment, available to people. With television, movies, games, comics, books, music, there is certainly something for every taste. People are almost spoilt by the possibilities presented to them. And with variety not being an issue, another problem occurs. It seems that the way people are experiencing a particular product is almost as much important, as the product itself. You can’t just watch a football game on any television set. No, no, no, it has to be on a 50-inch HD flat screen and in 3D, if possible. It won’t change the quality of the game (a boring match in 2D is going to be a boring match in 3D as well), but it would be a completely different experience.

We completely agree with this point of view. In fact, we believe that the more comfortable the people feel while doing something, the more able they are to get the maximum enjoyment out of it. And especially, when it comes to gambling and pokies, the right environment is crucial for a complete and enjoyable experience.

There are quite a few tweaks that players could make in order to improve their favorite way of gambling. However, most of them are reserved only for online pokies. So if you want to be able to customize your experience to a greater extend, you should choose an online casino instead of a land-based one.

First thing to do is to choose your online casino carefully. There are two basic types of casinos, out there – web-based and download only casinos. The names are, in a way, self-explanatory, but for further clarification – web-based casinos allow you to play online pokies via a web browser, while download-only require a download of a software client onto a local computer. Both options have their advantages, but if you are looking specifically for a graphical facelift, you should go with the latter. It definitely offers improved visual and vocal experience, because the graphics and the sounds are located in the software client, therefore all the power of your computer is used to process them (in the web-based scenario, developers decrease the graphic quality intentionally, because the games are streamed to the players). Also, the games run much faster and often the interface is much better, because there are fewer constraints.

Another way to enhance the visual environment is to search for online pokies that are made after popular movies, games or books. There is no shortage of such themed pokies online and you can always find games that feature characters from your favorite game or movie. Even better, some casinos offer a neat option to play a particular pokie game, but in a different visual environment. Players only have to change the settings and set a new theme that is pleasing to them. Some pokies come with a large set of themes, so that player could easily change the look of the games at their will.

Online pokies can be fun, exciting and aesthetically pleasing. Try and experiment with your games until you reach maximum level of satisfaction.