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50 Paylines Pokies

One of the things that make playing pokies online so exciting is the fact that video pokies present players with more than one chance to win from a single spin. Video pokies game developers have indeed taken this concept to a whole new level by coming up with 50 paylines pokies to make pokies playing much more exciting and, potentially, more rewarding for the player.

As their name suggests, 50 paylines pokies are those pokies games, where the player has the option to bet on as much as 50 different paylines. Of course, as one may imagine, it is only video pokies that support 50 paylines, on account of the bigger number of reels.

So, what does playing a 50-payline pokies game mean in practice? Naturally, betting on each of those paylines is going to cost something, and the more paylines you bet on, the more chances you will have for winning with that particular spin. Of course, as is the case with multiple payline pokies in general, if you hit a winning combination on a payline which you have not activated, you are not going to win. In addition, with 50-payline pokies games players should also take a look at the game rules to check whether they have to make the maximum bet (in this case, betting on all 50 paylines)so as to have a shot at winning a jackpot.

Generally, one of the most important things which you should pay attention to when betting in such a game is the coin denomination. With some games and in some casinos, betting on a 50-payline game may cost you the same amount you would bet on a 25 paylines game, meaning that you will have twice as many chances to win from a single spin, but your line wins will have half the value.

Play 50 Paylines Pokies

Although playing 50 paylines pokies is among the most exciting forms of pokies entertainment, pokies games with 50 paylines are not as many as one might think. A somewhat limited number of casinos offer this option to their players, so if it is betting on 50 paylines that you are after, you need to check beforehand whether the casino where you wish to play has such pokies games. It is also important to note that some casinos increase the number of paylines of some games to 50, meaning that one and the same game may have a different number of paylines in the different online casinos.

In addition, even though people usually bet on 50 paylines so as to win, let us not forget that, when it comes to pokies, having fun is even more important than winning. For that reason, it is also important to make sure that the 50-payline pokies game that you choose also offers good visual entertainment.
A lot of casinos which offer 50 paylines pokies games also have a practice mode, meaning that casino customers can play for free so as to get adjusted to the number of paylines and plan their bets accordingly.