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3 Reel Pokies

3 reel pokies represent the classic pokies entertainment in its purest form. With their amazing graphics and sounds, they can make players feel as if they are in a real Las Vegas casino. And while a lot of players nowadays prefer the more advanced video pokies, there is nothing bad in enjoying some good old-fashioned pokies fun.

Basically, 3 reel pokies, which are often referred to as “classic pokies”, are three-reeled slot machines with one, three or five paylines. Usually, classic pokies have a curved 3-D appearance on the computer screen, so as to remind players of the good old-fashioned one-armed bandit that once started it all.
Those pokies usually feature classic symbols which players tend to associate with pokies machines in land-based casinos, such as cherries, horseshoes, the “bar” and the “seven” symbols and so on. In addition, the sounds which the player will hear during the game are quite similar to those of real pokies machines in a land-based venue such as a casino or a pub. It is also important to remember that even though as a rule classic pokies have fewer special features than video pokies, with some games players will have the chance to compete for a progressive jackpot.

There is another variety of 3 reel pokies, called fruit machines. Those are UK-style three-reeled pokies machines, which players can find in a multitude of online casinos. They usually have special features such as a “hold” feature and bonus games.

Although the classic three-reeled pokies seem to be losing the competition with the more advanced video slots, they will nevertheless always have a place in the heart of every pokies player. In addition, despite their somewhat simpler images, classic pokies still have high-quality graphics and thus offer a good visual entertainment to the player.

Play 3 Reel Pokies

When playing classic slots with three reels, there are some things that players need to keep in mind. First, as already noted, they have just a few or even only one payline, meaning that they offer a rather limited number of betting options. Then, the obvious upside of fewer paylines is that a single bet is going to cost players less than it would in a multiple payline video pokies game. For that reason, as a rule, classic pokies with three reels and one to five paylines are a good choice for players with a small bankroll. This also means that it will be easier for players to afford making maximum bets which, depending on the game, might give them a shot at winning a pokies jackpot.

Classic pokies are also a good choice for those who are just about to enter the world of pokies, since video pokies might prove to be somewhat overwhelming. Beginners can easily use classic three-reeled pokies either as a transition to the more complex video pokies or as a more permanent gambling choice.

Although the classic pokies games are currently less popular on account of the whole “video pokies invasion”, pretty much every online casino offers a selection of 3 reel pokies games which players can enjoy.