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10 Paylines Pokies

10 paylines pokies are a type of multipayline slots, which give players an increased number of chances to score a winning combination. This, in turn, can give you a bigger opportunity to win one of the jackpots, creating a more thrilling gambling experience and bigger motivation to play.

10 paylines pokies are typically associated with video slot games. These pokies games look more like arcade games than actual slot machines. They usually boast pop culture themes, advanced graphics and sounds and provide for a very entertaining gaming experience. Unlike classic 3 reel, 1 payline slot games, which are also fun, but give you limited options to win one of the prizes, 10 paylines pokies give you multiple options to score a winning combination – be it on a horizontal line, vertical line or a diagonal line.

Video pokies with 10 paylines also have some awesome bonus features, which can boost your chances to cash in. These include a multiplier symbol, a wild symbol and bonus icons, which trigger additional games within the game. The wild symbol offers much flexibility, because it can be used to replace any other regular symbol in the game to complete a winning combination on one of the 10 active paylines. A lot of times, the wild symbol also acts as a multiplier symbol, doubling, tripling and even quadrupling your winnings.

The scatter symbol in 10 paylines pokies cannot be replaced by the wild symbol, but that’s because it doesn’t need to align on a single payline to pay out. You can score three, four or five of these symbols anywhere on your reel and you will get to collect some cool prizes.

The bonus features allow players to have more fun by triggering free spin rounds, where in some cases your winnings can again be multiplied. This way you can collect thousands of extra coins in no time.

Play 10 Paylines Pokies

10 paylines pokies, much like the rest of the video pokies games with multiple paylines, have one particularity. In order to collect the prize that comes from a winning combination, your winning combination has to fall on a payline that has been activated. In other words, unless you specifically place e deposit on a payline, you don’t get to collect the cash. This can be tricky, especially when you are playing on a budget. When you play classic pokies with a single payline, each deposit you make goes towards that one payline. A winning combination on your screen always pays out. But with 10 paylines pokies, you will have to manually select which paylines you want to activate. And if you choose to bet on the maximum number of paylines each time, your budget might dwindle faster, but your chances of winning will be increased 10-fold. So be smart with your money and make the best use of the increased chances of winning that 10 paylines pokies offer. Also, remember that when you play this type of pokies and you score free spins on the house, your chances of winning are also increased 10-fold.