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How Online Pokies Games Attract Gamblers – Is There a Subconscious Reason for Your Choice?

Online casinos offer gamblers a great variety of online pokies. And with this overwhelming selection, it may be hard for players to choose a particular slots game over another. But what causes the popularity of some online slots to surge above others? Of course there are probably plenty of reasons, such as familiarity, innovation, simplicity and level of entertainment. On the other hand, there is one reason which most gamblers often don’t even realise. Believe it or not the mascot plays a role when making your choice of an online pokies game. And while the mascot is related to the theme of the game and is part of its graphics, the mascot is actually the figure representing the online slots game. Many online games mascots subconsciously appeal to us, discreetly drawing us to play the online slots game. Do you wonder how the mascots affect your choice? Here are three aspects of their influence.

Recognisable online slots mascots

To be attractive a pokies mascot should be recognisable in the first place, as the game mascot is usually the first thing that pokies players see when they load the game and one of the main things they will remember about it after their pokies session is over. Whether you choose Rocky or the Pink Panther, you base your choice on the fact that this figure is familiar to you and you can instantly recognise it next time you are looking for a pokies game.

Emotive online slots mascots

Online pokies mascots also evoke emotion in gamblers. A smiling face of the mascots, for example, often attracts gamers to these online slots as it provokes positive feelings and suggests positive gaming experience. Nevertheless, it’s not just the smiling characters that draw online casino gamers in. There are different features that cause emotions. Even the angry face of Hulk causes a desire to play and determination to win. Generally speaking, the different characters with their typical features evoke different reactions in online casino gamers, each enticing them to play the pokies game.

Mysterious online slots mascots

Just like in the movie industry, the online casino industry relies on mystery to attract gamblers and give them a thrill. Some slot mascots appeal to gamers’ sense of discovery – the idea that by playing these slots games, they will be able to have a new and thrilling experience. From the excitement of discovering the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle to seeking out the Desert Treasures, pokies mascots hint at adventures and new experiences to be had.

Despite the new knowledge that you have about slots games mascots now, don’t analyse them too much and remember to have fun! Nevertheless, try out those games that haven’t been attractive enough for you to give them a chance. You may be surprised by the gaming experience they can provide. The reason you overlooked them probably has nothing to do with their payout rates or level of entertainment.