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Progressive Jackpots – Live

A progressive jackpot is the highest pokies payoff, and as a rule requires hitting a very specific set of symbols. Some progressive jackpots are much bigger than others; that is due to the fact that some of the progressive pokie jackpots come from a larger pool of pokies.

One of the main attractions of playing pokies is the possibility to win a progressive jackpot. It is an option available both in online and land-based casinos, however, it is at online casinos where winning one of the pokie jackpots can quite literally be a life-changing event. The reason for that is that while land-based casinos accumulate money for their respective progressive jackpots from a rather limited number of players and slot machines, online casinos have a much larger player base, allowing them to afford giving away pokies jackpots of seemingly unbelievable proportions.

In general, if they want to withstand the competition, online casinos nowadays have to support a huge pokies network in order to make the accumulation of million-dollar pokies jackpots possible.

So, when you decide to play at one of the online casinos out there, you have to check out their progressive jackpots. This is not difficult at all, since most online casinos use their progressive jackpot as a sort of advertisement, which means that information about the pokie jackpots currently available at the respective online casino is easily visible on their website. In addition, online casinos provide information about the progressive pokies jackpots that have recently been won, in order to stimulate website visitors to try their luck.

Even though winning one of the progressive pokies jackpots can turn your life around and is therefore one of the main online casinos’ attractions, there are some things that you need to take into account if you have decided to go after it. A progressive jackpot goes up whenever someone makes a bet, until one of the people playing for it wins the jackpot itself. The more people play for a particular pokie jackpot, the bigger it is going to get; on the downside, this also means that you are not the only person out there with the possibility to win it, which is an additional risk that you have to take when playing for one of the progressive jackpots available in a casino.

A way to avoid that risk is to stick to pokies with their own individual progressive pokie jackpots. In this case, however, since you are the only person contributing to the jackpot accumulation, the amount will hardly be as appealing. So, progressive pokies jackpots basically boil down to a simple trade-off of decreased odds for increased winnings, which makes pokie playing for progressive jackpots seem a little bit like lottery.

Nevertheless, the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot is one of the things that appeal to pokie players the most. While more regular yet smaller payouts help people stay in the game and thus enjoy themselves longer, every once in a while it is fun spicing your game up with the potential of winning a life-changing amount of money.