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Get Into the Element of Winning at Online Pokies

The four elements of live – fire, water, earth and air, come together to form a synergy and balance at one of the best online pokies games called Elementals. The game is a five-reel 20-payline video slot with cool graphics and awesome features.

As a multiple payline slot, Elementals gives you many opportunities to win. It offers its players a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, a multiplier symbol, a Free Spins bonus game and a Gamble bonus game. The wild symbol in this online pokies game is the Wild icon. This icon can not only take the place of any other symbol to complete a winning combination on an activated payline, but it will also double the earnings of that combination. However, keep in mind that if you score five Wild symbols on a winning payline, your earnings will not be doubled.

The powerful Scatter symbol of the game is also a feature that can help you win some major cash. The beauty about this icon is that it can appear anywhere on your reels to pay out. In addition to the wild and scatter symbols that we already mentioned Elementals offers some pretty cool bonus features. For example, score two Sun icons on an activated payline and you will trigger the Free Spins bonus. The bonus entitled you to 20 free spins. In addition, any winnings during these free spins are doubled. One particularity with the Free Spins bonus is that one of the Sun symbols has to appear on Reel 1 and the other on Reel 5. Sun symbol combination alone does not bring in any earnings.
As far as the Gamble bonus game goes, it can be activated by virtually any winning combination. Once you score the Gamble bonus, it is ultimately up to you whether you will take advantage of the bonus or you will continue to play the regular game. One thing to take note of is that you will have to guess a card colour to win. If you guess the correct colour, your winnings will be doubled.

And last, but not least, let’s take a look at what other prizes await you when you play the Elementals online pokies: a winning combination of the Wild symbol can bring you anywhere between 15 points and 5,000 points; the Fire icon pays out between three and 300 points, the Water symbol – between two and 250 points; the Earth element – between 10 and 250 points; the Air one – between 10 and 200 points; the Orange icon – between eight and 150 points; the Melons come in next with winning anywhere from six to 120 points; the Lemons aren’t so sour after all with their payout of between five and 100 points; the Plum can make you richer with as little as five or as many as 100 points; and the Cherry – between five and 60 points.

To get a better understanding how your winnings are calculated, here’s an example. If you bet one coin and get three Air symbols, you get 10 points. Your winnings are a total of 1 coin bet x 10 points = 10 credits. If you bet two coins and get three Air symbols, then your winnings are 2 coin bet x 10 points= 20 credits.