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Video Pokies

The most important thing to know about video slots is that, unlike classic pokies, they feature more than three reels. This requires a different type of betting strategy when it comes to playing the video pokies Australia has to offer in its land-based casinos or when you have decided to try and play video pokies online.

It is a fact that one of the main reasons why people play pokies is to entertain themselves and this is what makes video pokies in particular so popular nowadays. Even though there are enough players who still find classic pokies to be a lot of fun, most of the online casinos out there offer far more opportunities for people to play video pokies than classic pokie games.

Mathematically, a payline consisting of five or more reels offers a lower chance of hitting a winning combination than a line, which has only three reels. Naturally, that is the reason why online casinos offer a higher payout for five-reeled pokies than for the classic three-reeled ones. That is not all, though. If you want to play video pokies, you should be aware that most of the time they have multiple paylines, which may not be only horizontal. Therefore, video pokie players have much more options to consider, which makes the game more entertaining and requires more planning and a more complex betting strategy. Some slots for instance allow you to vary the amount that you are going to bet on the different paylines, which means that the video pokie player will have to give more thought as to how exactly to place his or her bet.

Another important thing to consider when you play video pokies is that due to their multiple paylines, one single spin is likely to cost you more than if you were playing on a classic three-reeled slot. Each payline is one more opportunity to win, and thus requires a financial input; on the other hand, if you are lucky enough, you can win simultaneously from several paylines with a single spin.

Higher payout rates and more varied betting options, however, are not the only reason why people prefer the video pokies Australia or online casinos offer. It is the visual entertainment, which appeals the most to video pokie players. The advancement of technologies has allowed video pokie developers to create amazing games, which in a way make pokies similar to video games. A lot of the most popular pokie games nowadays are based on themes and characters from books, movies and cartoons, or have a unique story of their own. Therefore pokie players are entertained not only by the thrill of winning, but also get involved in a story, which they follow while spinning the reels.

Even though video pokies are a lot of fun, perhaps they are not the best option for inexperienced players. The more complicated betting requirements might be a little bit overwhelming, which is why beginners could either start with classic three-reeled pokies at first or practise with free video pokie options at the online casino they have chosen.