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Best Pokie Tips

There is no secret for winning at pokies. Nevertheless, some pokies tips do exist, and even though they will not change your luck and thus increase your winnings, they will help you have more fun when playing, which is after all the main purpose of pokies.

First of all, while you cannot change the odds, there are some things that you can do in order to maximise your potential winnings, so just take a look at these helpful tips. Pokies are a game of chance, however, when you play for higher payout rates, the potential winnings increase. This in turn means that from a purely financial point of view, online casinos are the better option, since their payout rates are much higher than those of land-based casinos and pubs.

Another one of the most useful pokies tips is to think about the number of reels. Three-reeled pokies with a single payline provide you with better odds; however, five-reeled pokies with multiple paylines as a rule have higher payout rates. In addition, betting on more paylines for a single spin improves your odds for that particular spin, but on the other hand, the spin will cost you more. Keeping this in mind, you can plan your betting strategy with regards to your budget.

Now, let us talk about some budget-related tips. Pokies, while a lot fun, can be pretty addictive and you can easily lose control over your money and yourself. To prevent this from happening, always set a budget before you start playing and stick to it no matter what. Sure, if you are not lucky enough that particular day, you will play for a shorter period of time, but the important thing in this case is not to lose control and start chasing your losses with the money from your kid’s college fund. Also, treat each pokies session independently from the last one. If you think about the money you lost the last time you played, you will not have that much fun. Similarly, if you won a lot last time, do not start the new session with undue expectations, or you might end up being disappointed in the end.

Besides assigning a reasonable budget, it is also a good idea to define a time limit for your gambling session. As with all forms of entertainment, it is important not to let them distract you from your professional and family duties. In addition, when you have a time limit, if you have won at the end of your gambling session, it will help you walk away with your cash and not feel foolish if you continue playing and eventually lose all your winnings.

Then, the most important of the pokies tips is to play to have fun and not to win. Pokies are a form of entertainment and they should be regarded as such and not as a source of income. Therefore the bottom line is making sure that you do not lose more money than you can afford. So, just relax, enjoy yourself, but do not lose control.