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Slot machines are one of the most popular forms of gambling entertainment. In Britain they are called fruit machines, and in Canada they are known simply as slots; yet their coolest name up to date is undoubtedly pokies. Australia is the country where it came from, and “pokies” is a slang word that probably originates from a saying such as “I’m off to the pub to play the pokies”, or something along those lines.

Despite the huge number of pokies Australia seems to be full of (it is a fact that over 20 percent of the world’s slot machines are Down Under), the first slot machine was built in San Francisco in 1898. Its inventor, Charles Fey, could have hardly imagined such a bright future for his creation. What was once a simple mechanical device, quickly evolved into a unique form of visual entertainment.

A significant stage in the pokies evolution is taking the one-armed bandit online, or, in other words, introducing online pokies. Australia as well as the rest of the world has become obsessed with pokies online that have taken the game on a whole new level.

There are a lot of reasons for the popularity of playing pokies online. Australia, where pokies in pubs have always been a favourite pastime, is no exception. First of all, it is the payout rates that make people play pokies online. Australia has some great land-based pubs and casinos offering payout rates of approximately 85 percent, however, in online casinos the payout rate can easily reach 95-97 percent. If you wonder how that can be possible at all, consider the following: online casino owners do not have any expenses about the venue, such as rent. In addition, the Internet provides a much bigger customer base, which increases the online casino’s profit. Bigger income and fewer expenses make the higher payout rates for online pokie slots possible. This is also the case with progressive jackpots, which are much higher online due to the larger number of players that accumulate them.

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Besides the possibility for winning, there is the fun, and that is what most pokies players are after. Online slots are even more fun than regular pokies, since they offer a much better variety. Normally, in a pub there are just a few pokie machines (not to mention that the best ones are probably already occupied when you finally arrive at the pub), whereas online you have a virtually unlimited number of options to choose from – classic pokies, video pokies, and what not.

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Also, let us not forget that the comfort of your own home is an additional advantage of online pokie machines. Australia sure has great land-based casinos and pubs, but still, sometimes you simply do not feel like going out. Moreover, you will not have to worry about getting back home either; when you get tired or think that you have played enough, you can simply stop and call it a day (or a night, respectively). Or, in short, online pokies offer an exciting form of visual gambling entertainment, which is just a click away.